Whenever the feminist games-critic and survivor of countless outraged misogynist stalkers Anita Sarkeesian’s name is invoked, there follows a flood of men who want to explain that she brought it on herself, that she isn’t a gamer, that she isn’t a good critic, and assorted related rubbish….

In this excellent New Statesman piece, Ian Steadman picks apart the many arguments raised by Sarkeesian’s critics, painstakingly explaining the many ways in which they have (seemingly willfully) entirely missed the point…


if you are the kind of person who feel the need to threaten and harass another for pointing out what is obviously wrong — and can and should be changed at no one’s expense and to everyone’s betterment — then what justification can you make for your own value to the world?  then what are you other than a cog in a machine that profits from fear?



I’ve just read Cecil Castellucci’s 2005 debut novel Boy Proof and it’s delightful to discover that she’s every bit as talented a novelist as she is a graphic novel writer (The Plain Janes, the first volume in the outstanding Minx graphic novel series) and a rock musician (Nerdy Girl/Bite).

do as Cory says and read the work of cecil castellucci!

i’m so writing this as a fanfic…

a few people have asked me to elaborate on my tweet about how “jessica raine as verity lambert” should be the doctor’s next companion…

OK… here’s my pitch… as a child growing up in canada, sydney newman spent a lot of time traveling through space and time in the company of a man he believed at the time was his grandfather.


upon his return — following the unexplained disappearance of his grandfather — newman’s parents quickly convinced him that his adventures were simply his dreamlike embellishment of a series of travels taken to historical landmarks…

newman was so taken by the man he believed was his grandfather that, upon becoming the head of drama for the BBC, he pitched a series based on his memories of childhood adventure. this pitch eventually became “doctor who”…


…and when a man showed up at the BBC… in a blue box, claiming to be newman’s grandfather but looking nothing like the doddering, white-haired man described by newman, no one believed him…


…no one, that is, other than a very talented young woman looking to break free from the patriarchal order around her and find new worlds of adventure…





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